Where to Find Old Bottles

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There are a few hobbies that are very rewarding. Searching the beach for lost coins or precious metals will only get you sunburn, collecting stamps is a delicate fad that’s reserved for the serious collector. Collecting old bottles is some of the most fun you can have. If you like to seek treasure in antique bottles there are plenty of places to search.

Most of the time you can find old bottles around river beds, its best to search in the daytime since you can see better and most likely find them without too much digging. Always be careful and mindful when you start searching, river banks are dangerous. If a sand bar is available search there first. The best results can be found when the river is low; the receding water will reveal many hidden bottles.

Take a sack with you to collect what you find, also take a small garden shovel in case you need to unearth a buried bottle. Make sure to map out where you want to search and don’t forget where you parked. Inhabited areas are great places to find old and rare glass, make sure you are allowed to search in the area. Don’t trespass.

Determining how old a bottle is can help in your search and capture. Many bottles have a mold process to show how they were made. Look for seams to determine when the bottle was made; some might even have the dates stamped on the bottom. The bottles made during WWI have a distinct look.

Seeing pictures of old or antique bottles will also help you to determine what to keep and what to leave when you find something interesting. You can attend auctions or search on line for old bottles. Half the fun is getting out into nature and discovering what nobody has found. When you do find a bottle along the river bank it will probably be full of sand, gently clean it with a light detergent at home. Don’t put it in the dishwasher, which may damage the glass.

If you grew up near an area that had open spaces you might begin your search there. Visiting your old stomping grounds is also a wonderful place to discover old bottles. You will know the area better and chances are you can search with more confidence than on a river bank or river bed. Old abandon houses usually have treasures such as antique bottles around, get permission before searching the attic or basement.

Vintage bottles are hard to find because most of them need to be at least 100 years old. The machines that make bottles today do so in mass production. Finding glass that is rare and intact takes some digging, you should also look for colored glass when searching. This is a good indicator that it was hand blown and not done by a machine. Metal detectors only work if a bottle has a metal cap attached, other than that begin your search and expand to other areas as you before more familiar with antique glass.

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