Top 5 Picnic Activities For Adults

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As you get older, you may think that picnicking is just about heading out to enjoy the beautiful warm weather mixed with chowing down on fresh seasonal produce only available during this wonderful time of year. Or maybe picnicking is more for the benefit of your children. However, as an adult you can still have a lot of fun when you head out picnicking with a variety of things to keep you occupied as you enjoy the wonderful weather as well as the food. Here are top 5 picnic activities for adults to get your mind working for your next outing, while the weather lasts.

Croquet is a delightfully fun game to play that can be setup practically anywhere you are at. With an infinite variety of courses available to be arranged, you’ll never tire of the variability of the game and the changing terrain, which can add a bit of excitement to the same course put together at different locations. With a low impact on your body, this game is great for leisurely winding away the hours without hurrying or sweating. Best of all, most the kits of this game are easily transportable and conveniently pack up into your car with little effort.

Frisbee isn’t just passing the disc around anymore. With games like ultimate Frisbee and Frisbee golf, there are loads of games to play with this simple piece of equipment. Ultimate Frisbee plays much like basketball mixed with football except there’s no tackling, of course. Players hand off the disc to reach the goal at the end of the field. Exciting and safe, it’s an easy game to get into. Likewise Frisbee golf, in this simple game you select holes of random objects and try to hit them with the disc.

Badminton is a classic game that has just a little more equipment, but is worth the effort. Easy to put up, the net and the paddles are light and easy to move around. The game is fast, yet way less intense than similar games like tennis. This game will still help build an appetite and get your blood pumping from the fun.

Wine and cheese tasting is a fun and exciting way to explore the culinary aspect as well as getting outdoors. Sharing with others and talking about your impressions of the food and drink is a great way to bond at an outing and a thrill to discover new flavors. Making an event out of it, rather than just have a single wine or cheese can be very entertaining and engaging.

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