Top 10 Paintball Fields in the US

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Paintball is a huge sport these days. In every state and even every city you can find a paintball field that can work for you and your crew. There are several types of paintball fields you can find around the United States. They can range from wooded areas, to relatively open fields, to paintball fields decked out with props like fake buildings, old cars, haystack walls, jerry-rigged forts, and whatever else the paintballer mind can conjure up. There are even paintball fields that you don’t even use a gun, you use balloons filled with paint that you throw at each other! This can be most fun for the more “gentle” players. For beginners, this can be an amazing experience to see the amazing feats of paintball heaven they can find.

You may wonder if there is a better field out there for you. There is. Below I have found the top then best paintball fields in the United States. If you are up for a little drive or flight you could have the time of your life at one of these amazing paintball fields!

The first on our list is Skirmish USA. They have 48 different playing field that spread across 700 acres. One of their sites includes a tournament complex as well as a speedball arena. All of their fields include props such as planes, tanks, woods, creeks, villages and castles. They offer many different packages for bachelor and corporate parties.

Second is Old River Paintball, located in Ocklawaha, Florida. It is on 40 acres of land and there are 12 different fields to choose from. They have several games available such as Speedball, Hyperball and Airball. They also have an onsite Air Station to refill your tanks. They have bunkers from trees and bushes to hay bales.

Advanced Alabama Adventures, also known as AAA, come in third on our list. They have been in business since 1989 and are located in Birmingham, Alabama. They have 7 different playing fields and they are always making changes to make your playing experience different. They have tested their fields and changed any field that has been lesser used to make it bigger and better for the paintball players.

In fourth place is Paintball USA. They are located in Cypress, Texas and have over 113 acres and 9 fields. Included are two speedball fields and four wooded fields. Some of the bunkers used are spools, wooden teepees and drums. They also have Scenario games organized there.

Fifth on the list is N5 Paintball, located in McLoud, Oklahoma. The fields they have include two speedball fields, a wooded field and a spool field. They have many happy customers that say the refs and staff are amazing and will make your paintball experience that much more enjoyable.

Staff members that are highly rated and try anything to make your paintball experience enjoyable are located at our number six field. Located in Berwick, Maine, Berwick paintball has 7 acres of outdoor fields, filling stations and Scenario games. They also offer speedball and team games every weekend.

Coming in number seven is Splatmandu Paintball Club in Three Rivers, Michigan. Included is eight different fields maintained by their club members. The great thing about Splatmandu is that they are a non-profit Paintball Club and you will pay an annual membership fee of $2.00. ONLY $2.00! Membership fees go towards props and their “Big Game” every September.

Number eight is located in Plant City, Florida and is called Battlezone and Supply. They have three different playing fields including Hyperball, Airball and an Urban field. This field is knows to be geared more towards the non-competitive player. Their slogan explains it all when they say “Check your ego at the net”.

Splat Paintball in Canal Fulton, Ohio is our number nine choice. The owner is very helpful and knows about the game. You also don’t need to feel intimidated if you are a new player because they serve a mix of experienced and inexperienced players. They have three wooded and three Speedball fields. Their Speedball fields are highly recommended. The downside is that there is quite a walk from your check in point to the actual fields.

Last but not least is The Compound Paintball Field in Ellensburg, Washington. They have two fields. One is a Speedball field and the other is a Rec-Ball field with many bunkers made from various objects like spools and cars. Their speedball field is often visited by tournament players.

These results were put together by a group of frequent experienced paintball players who love the game and travel around to try different fields. Things taken into consideration when deciding this list are reffing, support staff, safety and the maintenance of the fields. Also the skill levels of the players.

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