The Difference Between Toys When We Were Kids and Modern Toys

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I vividly remember the time when I was a small boy… I was very active, I never stayed in one place for more than a few seconds, except when I ate or slept. I was always running around the house or in the backyard. When I wanted to go somewhere, I never walked, I always ran. And if I had friends with me, everything was a competition. I was even more energetic. I had blond hair (which later turned brown, and I hated it when I realized I wasn’t blond anymore), I was short in stature and everybody said that I looked like David Lee Roth from Van Halen (I’m sure you’ve heard of him).

Everybody loved me, and I loved everybody, but what I loved most of all were my toys. And I had a lot of toys, because Dad was going out of town very often because he had important business meetings to attend to, and he always brought something when he came back home. I had an impressive collection of plastic cowboys and Indians which I used to play with in my little tree house. Also, I had all types of sports balls, from golf balls to kids’ bowling and soccer balls. My friends often came to my place for this reason and played with my toys all day long. I had board games, toy phones, toy cars, toy television sets. Of course, they were all surrogates, and you could only play pretend with the phone, cars and television sets. But we didn’t even feel the need for those toys to actually work, because back then the toys were only supposed to look like real things, they were not expected to actually work.

Well, I am a happy 40 year-old dude now, and I have a 7 year-old kid that inherited his dad’s awesome looks and curly hair. But things have changed a lot. The toys these days are incredible. I can’t believe how every toy must be intelligent nowadays. Most toys I bought for my kid have electronic circuits inside, or even microchips that make the action of playing with a toy very different from what I was used to in my childhood.

For example, the Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera is a thing that I would never have thought would be possible when I was little. You can make real pictures that you can later store on a computer’s hard disk. And it’s still just a toy! It’s made especially for kids less than 12 years of age, and it is indestructible. You can throw it around the house|bang it on the wall at will and it won’t break. Oh, if only I would have had access to such things 30 years ago… My kid loves this thing. He even uses it in the pool, making pictures of his feet under the water. Who knows what they will invent next? Maybe when my kid will have kids of his own, he’ll buy them toy space rockets that really bring you into Earth’s orbit and back again, just for fun!

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