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Lean Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical CGMP Environment

Lean manufacturing has been successfully deployed in the auto industry, in the manufacture of motorcycles, in mattress manufacturing, in the production of tires, and even in the service industries. All these sectors and industries had their own way of doing things before latching on to lean manufacturing techniques. The

The Famous South-African Ghost of De Deur

The story of the “Walkerville Ghost” or more commonly known as the “De Deur” ghost has been around in our area for a few decades. As it happens due to being told by so many different people quite a few variations are known to exist and the details have

Things You Need to Lay Stress on While Renting a Car

Rental car deals gain significant weightage only when renters can hire it with better opportunities, taking care of the things, such as price, comfort, safety and the insurance policies under which the hire car can be covered. Luxury rental cars provide ample advantages to the renters. But the renters

Safety Tips For Adventure Trips in Chile

If you’re looking for a place where your thirst for adventure and extreme types of sports can be satisfied, look no further than Chile where contrasting terrains and climates combined with breathtaking natural wonders make it a veritable paradise for active tourists. Here you can do all sorts of

Kinds of Nouns – Types of Nouns

Nouns are the words we use to name things. There are five types of nouns: common, proper, concrete, abstract and collective. Common Nouns A common noun is an everyday item. It is the name given to a generic item: chair, fish, concrete, cloud, tree, nail, screwdriver, pencil, coffee, arm,

Mobility Scooters – Facts and Information

Is it a wheelchair or a scooter? You might have seen one in your neighbourhood; an elderly person who is self-sufficient while moving around her house independently and with ease, as if driving a scooter, while sitting in her wheelchair. It’s called a Mobility Scooter. Now you’ve become more
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