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Motorcycle History – Fun Facts For Kids

Kids, the first motorcycle sold was a Hildebrand and Wolfmuller. This was in 1894 when many kids rode bicycles… Engines and Frames Bicycle companies put a new invention, the internal combustion engine, onto their bicycles. When new engines became more powerful the standard bicycle frames, wheels and chains could

LAX Airport – Some Fun and Fascinating Facts

The LAX airport, or the Los Angeles International Airport, was originally named Mines Field and was a general aviation base during World War II. LAX is located in none other that Los Angeles, California. It is ranked as the fifth busiest passenger airport in the entire world. It also

10 Fun Facts About Long Haired Cat Breeds

Long haired cats are known for their beauty and lustrous but labor-intensive coats. Popular breeds include the glamorous Balinese, the affectionate Himalayan, the almost dog-like Maine Coon, the water-loving Turkish Van and the quintessential Persian. If you’re a lover of long haired cat breeds, keep reading for 10 fun
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