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How to Adjust an OEM Clutch Cable on 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra

It seems that most Terminator owners encounter shifting difficulties due to inadequate clutch disengagement, either sooner or later. Many solve this with aftermarket quadrant/adjuster setups, but there is another way. It doesn’t take long, and it costs nothing, but it does require some skill and mechanical experience. 1. Remove

Caring For Your Car’s Clutch

Have you ever wondered exactly what happens when you push down the clutch pedal? Without the clutch you would not be able to disengage the power of the engine or change gears! So how does it all work? A clutch is used to connect two moving shafts that are

Why My Clutch Is Smoking On My Go Kart

I have written several commentaries on this subject in the past, but I think it warrants rehashing, because there are two possible reasons why your clutch is smoking. I usually discuss one most likely reason, but in this article let’s talk about the two possible causes of why your
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