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Bike Review – Soma Juice 29" Mountain Bike

With so much attention on full suspension and carbon fiber you would think that steel hardtails were dead. Well I’m glad to be able to tell you that they are alive and kicking. With the explosion of 29″ wheeled bikes, the steel hardtail has made a come back. All

Smooth Momentum UB5 Upright Exercise Bike Review

The Smooth Momentum UB5 upright exercise bike is designed to meet the demands of health club users, but will provide years of solid performance in your home. The Smooth Momentum UB5’s self generating drive system requires no power cord yet can produce a whopping 900 watts of resistance. No

To Bike Or Not to Bike? Off-Season Training For Hockey

Some fitness coaches who specialize in hockey training insist that hockey players should stay off the ice during the summer months. The advocate a return just in the weeks prior to training camp. Some believe that riding the bike is the best mode of energy system development for hockey players. Others, like
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