Sunoco Credit Card Cash Back Plans

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There are two Sunoco credit card options for consumers. The Blue Cash from American Express and the Discover Open Road Card are not Sunoco credit cards, but they do allow you to earn cash back when you use the cards at any Sunoco gas stations. There are many rewards for using these credit cards. American Express and Discover sponsor the cards in conjunction with Sunoco gas stations. Each card has something different offer the consumer. Both are accepted at all Sunoco, APlus stores and Ultra Service Centers.

American Express

The American Express Blue Cash card earns up to five percent on every purchase including gas. There is no annual fee for this card and it offers a zero percent ARP for up to twelve months on any purchases you make. This particular card offers a twenty-day grace period on any late payments. This card is available to anyone with a higher credit score. The application process can be done online or at a Sunoco station near you.


The Open Road card from Discover offers zero percent ARP on purchases for up to the six months. You will have savings at the pumps and everywhere you use the card. There is a five percent to twenty percent cash back bonus at many online stores and up to one percent cash back bonus from all other purchases. This particular card offers unlimited rewards. This card has a twenty-five day grace period for late payments. All you have to do is fill out the application.

Buying With the Credit Card

The Sunoco credit card can be used at all gas stations across the United States. The cards are also good at the APlus Convenience Store associated with many of the gas stations. You can buy lunches, beverages, snacks and any other merchandise in the store. The credit cards can be used at the Ultra Service Centers associated with the Sunoco gas stations. You can have car repairs, oil changes, seasonal maintenance and any other services you may need.

The best part about the credit cards is that you will have a monthly detail about your purchases and it will show any cash back bonuses you have earned. The ability to pay at the pump and drive off is just another reason to have the Sunoco credit card. Whether you have the Discover card or the American Express card, you will see many rewards from having this type of credit card.

When you need a credit card that earns you cash back bonuses or a low ARP, either one of these cards will benefit you. The Discover and American Express cards are not Sunoco credit cards, the cards are recognized by the companies when used for instant rewards. Each card offers different rewards and rates. The ability to use the cards at the service center and the convenient store makes it easier to buy the things you need when you fill up your tank. You will have easy online payment options for each card as well.

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