The Hand Colored Photography of William James Harris

Interest in early 20th c. hand-colored photographs by “Harris” has been increasing in recent years, especially in Harris’s Florida scenes. Yet I’ll wager that most collectors don’t even know Harris’s first name, let alone anything about his background. We had no information on Harris ourselves until several years ago

Top 5 Picnic Activities For Adults

As you get older, you may think that picnicking is just about heading out to enjoy the beautiful warm weather mixed with chowing down on fresh seasonal produce only available during this wonderful time of year. Or maybe picnicking is more for the benefit of your children. However, as

Power Tools History

Since the ancient Egyptians began using a hand-powered lathe centuries ago, man has striven to make arduous building and assembling tasks easier, quicker, and more efficient through power tools. We’ve come a long way from those sand-covered turning machines, but the end goal is no different from our desert-dwelling

13 Steps to Mentalism – An Overview

If you want to perform “mentalism” you may have heard of a book called “13 Steps to Mentalism”, and for good reason. This book is considered a classic of mentalism – but does it deliver? Just what will you learn from this book? Well to start, 13 Steps to

Personal Performance For Security Managers

The Security Risk Managers Personal Performance in the Workplace. ‘Coping with varying work conditions, work contexts or contingencies, and how your performance is maintained at an appropriate level’ The methods that I and other colleagues of mine use in the workplace to measure our personal performance, are by finishing

Summary – Autobiography of a Yogi

India, an ancient civilization is well known to be the cradle of a rich and perpetual heritage. The pristine land has always throbbed with the vibrancy of the originality, creativity and self motivated activities of its illumined souls. Their deep, original and sublime thoughts have presented to the world,
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