Make a Man Want You – Make Him Dream of You at Night

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Can you really make a man want you even if he is not interested yet? Does that not sound a little difficult? Ok, I agree, that it may not be possible to reach the heart of ANY man, but so many women could do so much better in the world of dating if they would just examine male psychology and then apply what they learn. We should do that together right now.

How can you make a guy fall in love with you? How can you make him commit to you? What attraction can you use in order to attract men? What is the best dating advice to help you avoid a man who is just looking for a sexual hook up or friends with benefits arrangements? Just what does psychology tell us to do to make a man want you?

Know your target.

Who is this guy you are interested in? Did you fall in love with someone who is crazy about sports? Is he into vintage cars? Does he like movies? Is he a couch potato? The key to attracting his attention is to find out what he likes, and then be the kind of woman who likes the same things to the extent that you can.

If he likes cars, you need to learn about cars so you can offer some intelligent comments on the subject. Does he follow the local sports teams? Learn about sports. Learn the name of the local team and some of the most popular players. Does he like hiking? Buy some hiking boots. The key is to try to develop an interest in the things he enjoys.

Know yourself.

Be true to yourself. This relationship is not all about him. You want him to be your boyfriend / husband / lover / soul mate, but you also want to be his girlfriend and wife. Your needs and wants and interests are just as important as his.

If this man is your dream come true, he will respect you more if you do not give up your own identity in order to please him. So maintain your self respect and your own identity.

Try this advice and see how well it works. Show an interest in the things that he likes, but be balanced. Do not give up who you are. You can make him dream of you; you can make any man want you.

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