How to Sell a Motorcycle With Evocative Classified Ads

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Write an ad that is thorough

To sell a motorcycle with classified ads, it is best to write an ad that describes it in detail. These details answer questions for an individual who is looking for the type of motorcycle that you are describing. When someone searches the classified ads for a motorcycle, they are looking for a certain make and model. With a complete description of your motorcycle, you will answer all questions and attract only people who are interested in your bike.

When writing your motorcycle ad you should first include the year, make, and model. Here is an example:

1999 Honda Shadow

Next you should write down the engine size, color, mileage, and other features.


1100, Pearl white, 5400 miles, Windshield, Floor boards, Engine guards, New battery, 2 helmets, etc.

Listed above are just a few features that are available on a motorcycle. I recommend including as many features as you can, because it will give the reader an accurate value of the bike. This will also show the reader how much money they will save, compared to a new one that has the same accessories. Provided that you have placed a great price on the motorcycle. Always remember, huge savings will help sell a motorcycle quickly.

Now you can finish your ad by including the motorcycle condition, price, location, and your contact information.


Excellent condition, $4700, Tupelo MS, call 662-123-1234

When you are through writing your ad it should look like this:

1999 Honda Shadow 1100, Pearl white,

5400 miles, Windshield, Floor boards,

Engine guards, New battery, 2 helmets,

Excellent condition, $4700, Tupelo MS,

call 662-123-1234

Be sure to include the features that pertain to your bike and separate each feature with a comma. Write your ad in one long sentence. The advertiser you use, will format your ad to fit their publication. The above ad is a standard format that is used by most publications.

Local newspaper or online classifieds

After you have written a detailed ad, you are ready to submit it to your local newspaper’s classified ads or other advertising publications. If you would like to expand your advertising, online classifieds are a great marketing tool that will help you sell a motorcycle. Online classifieds are inexpensive and growing in popularity every day.

I have explained in detail how to write an extensive motorcycle ad. As you can see the ad is complete and answers most questions for someone, who is interested in that type of bike. A good ad will answer all questions and make selling your motorcycle easier.

I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to thank you, my faithful readers for visiting our site and reading How to Sell a Motorcycle With Evocative Classified Ads . I truly appreciate you!

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