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Folding mountain bikes are quite famous nowadays. For bicycle riders who are looking forward to great outdoor adventure, they opt to choose mountain bikes that are easy to carry, convenient and practical. On the other hand, there are also some who want a mean of transportation that would allow them to commute without hassle. This is where folding mountain bikes come in to the picture. With a great demand come great models that suit every preference. The HARO DX cycle in Korea gives you the features of a folding mountain bike that you would definitely want to try.

Samchuly is the founder of the HARO DX Cycle which is known as Korea’s most renowned and largest bicycle manufacturer. They have been in the industry nearly 60 years now. They are known for having a good reputation of making quality cycles to ISO9001 standard. They have also supplied bicycles to the 1988 Olympics and to the FIFA 2002 World Cup. Despite its quality of construction, this model is more of a recreational bike rather than actually designed for hurling yourself off mountain sides competitively. This is a great option for both mountain riders and ordinary commuters.

Folding mountain bikes make use of different riding position and frame sizing more frequently as compared to ordinary and conventional bikes. The HARO DX folding mountain bike design emphasizes on the compactness of a bike as would expect. It also plays a clever trick within the 16 inch frame size to achieve a small folded size with full size wheels. Most tall cyclists who usually prefer traditional and very high-ride road-bike position may sacrifice a little folded compactness by fitting a longer seat post in order to make room for your longer legs.

This bike is perfect for commuting everyday and can be easily be transported by car, bus, motor home, train and airplane. There is no need for a cycle rack, as they can be carried easily and unfolded for use in seconds without the use of any tools using the built-in quick release levers. It folds to under 30x90x90 cm without having to remove the wheels or all the other spare parts of the bicycle. These bikes are also supplied with a carry bag. It has long zip around the three sides with a carrying handle that can be carried over to your shoulder. This may cost a little expensive but is the quality is worth it. The bag is heavy duty with a water resistant internal coating. The generous three sided zip enable a l opening great for easy loading. It has a simple ‘square’ design that does not only make the bag for versatile but it also offers an ample ‘gap’ for stowing helmets and all other stuffs.

The Haro range of bikes comes in various models and designs. There are a lot of styles that you can choose from with varying prices. Some of these models are sold in discount rates which are quite a good deal in your favor.

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