Halloween Trivia Questions – Monster Trivia

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In Stoker’s original novel, the story opens with a young man on his way to Dracula’s castle. Where is the castle?

Answer: Carpathian Mountains. The young man is travelling by coach to the castle which is located high in the mountains. His purpose for the trip is too meet with the Count to conclude a business deal.

Ghouls herald from which culture?

Answer: Arabic. Ghouls are not the same as ghosts. Ghouls are a type of Jinn. They are considered evil beings with free will.

In Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula, who recognizes that Lucy is becoming a vampire?

Answer: Abraham Van Helsing. Abraham Van Helsing. is from Amsterdam. Dr. Steward asks Van Helsing to come and see Lucy because nobody can understand what is causing her ill health.

Which mythical monster has only one eye?

Answer: Cyclops. Cyclops is a one eyed monster from Greek mythology. According to the legend, Zeus releases three Cyclopes to help him and the other gods defeat the titans.

In the Harry Potter novels by J. K. Rowling, what kind of monster lives in the Weasley’s attic?

Answer: A ghoul. The ghoul that lives with the Weasley’s is harmless. He only makes the occasional noise.

What monster is often said to kill just by wailing?

Answer: Banshee. Traditionally banshees were not evil. There purpose was to watch over five Irish families and would cry or wail when one was about to die.

How does Dracula travel to England, in Bram Stoker’s novel?

Answer: Ship. The ship runs ashore during a storm. When people explore the ship it is discovered that all the crew are gone and only the captain remains, tied to the wheel.

According to tradition what food will repel a vampire?

Answer: Garlic. The tradition of using garlic to repel vampires was around long before the novel by Brahms Stoker. Garlic has traditionally been used to keep evil spirits and creatures away.

Versipellis is an ability that what kind of monster would have?

Answer: Werewolf or Vampire. Versipellis is the ability to change shape. Vampires are also said to be able to alter their form to that of a bat.

If you were travelling in the desert, which of these monsters would you most likely encounter? A ghoul, banshee or werewolf?

Answer: Ghoul. Ghouls live in deserts and like to prey on travellers. They will also rob graves and eat the dead.

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