Choosing the Best (Right) Lawn Sweeper For the Job

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In order to choose the correct lawn sweeper for you and your needs, you’ll first want to ask yourself a few questions:

* What are the main items (grass, leaves, pine cones, pine needles) I am concerned with cleaning up?

* Do I own a garden or lawn tractor?

* What size is my yard?

* Will I have enough storage for the lawn sweeper? (some are quite large depending on your needs)

* What is my budget?

* Do I prefer a push lawn sweeper or tow behind lawn sweeper?

There are two main varieties of lawn sweepers, tow-behind and push (human powered). The tow-behind is attached to a garden tractor or ATV and work best for larger lawns. Obviously these are more expensive and require larger storage areas. The push or pull lawn sweepers are human powered. Even so, most are not much more difficult to maneuver than a push lawn mower.

Choosing the best (right) lawn or yard sweeper will always come down to which of the above categories best fit your needs. In most reviews, the major complaint is that the specific sweeper did not perform the functions the user needed it for most. So it’s vital to know what your expectations are. Many expect the lawn sweeper to pick up large pine cones or pine needles. Some of the larger sweepers will but it’s best to read reviews of each model before purchasing to determine what exactly to expect. One of the most common complaints found in reviews is the product did not get their lawn clean as carpet or failed to pickup wet leaves. Remember that you’re dealing with grass and the length of the grass and grade of yards can very greatly. Make sure the lawn sweeper you choose has adequate height adjustments for your particular yard. Is there many hills or uneven ground? Then make sure you get a lawn sweeper that has a higher max on height adjustments. Moreover, the more uneven your lawn, the less effective the sweeper will be. Also, be prepared to assemble the sweeper yourself if ordering online as well as most brick and mortar stores. However, most reviews scored high on the ease of assembly.

Hamper or hopper size is another major feature to be considered. Sweepers with smaller hoppers will fill up faster and thus you’ll be making more trips to dump. Conversely, larger hoppers hold more. Some of the largest hoppers hold around 30 gallons. Not only do the larger sweepers have more hopper capacity, but a wider sweep width as well. The less expensive push sweepers generally have widths of 25 to 26 inches while the larger, tow-behind sweepers can have widths over 38 inches. This is where your storage capacity is important. Make sure you have adequate storage space for the sweeper when its not in use. Although many reviews suggest you can disassemble the sweeper when not in use which makes it easier to store.

I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to thank you, my faithful readers for visiting our site and reading Choosing the Best (Right) Lawn Sweeper For the Job . I truly appreciate you!

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