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DMC Stands For Devastating Mic Control

The King Of Rock It was 1985, just six short years removed from the incident known as Disco Demolition Night in Chicago where a frenzied crowd of thousands gathered in Comiskey Park with hate in their eyes and hearts. The abhorrent mob assembled for the sole purpose of sealing

Sugarloaf Mountain – 5 Facts You Didn’t Know

Sugarloaf Mountain is an eye-catching landmark that overlooks Rio de Janeiro and sits at the entrance to Guanabara Bay in southeastern Brazil. It is called Pao de Acucar in Portuguese, and it’s named for its special form that looks like a classic form of refined sugar used in the

Toy Trains vs Model Trains – What’s the Difference?

For people who aren’t involved in the model railroading hobby, there’s really no difference between “toy” trains and “model” trains. After all, both hobbies involve small trains that are controlled by some sort of power pack. There is a significant difference, however, to anyone who is an enthusiast. Calling

Writing For Comedy

The idea behind writing for comedy is easy enough to understand – make people laugh – but the elements that result in something that is truly funny are complex and varied. Comedy is essentially drama without the laughs, and, just as in drama writing, there are formulas to writing

Thyroid Dysfunction And Its Underlying Cause

When the Thyroid gland is over-producing or under-producing thyroid hormones, the body exhibits uncomfortable and often debilitating symptoms. Making matters worse is the fact that even when the thyroid hormone levels are tested, it is common for the test results to come back normal, even in the cases that
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