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Living Alone with Hemiparesis

Safety would be the primary concern of course when people with hemiparesis live alone or are alone for extended amounts of time. Of course your first references are your doctor, physical therapist and occupational therapists especially. This being stated, I can offer insights on some important items to consider

The North American B-25 Mitchell

Driving down New Highway, which skirts the perimeter of Farmingdale, Long Island’s, Republic Airport, on the still-warm, crystal-blue Labor Day morning in 2006, and glimpsing the tails of the World War II B-24 Liberator, B-17 Flying Fortress, and B-25 Mitchell bombers, I had once again realized that the Collings

The History of BWIA British West Indian Airways

Of the four pure-jet Caribbean carriers-Air Aruba, Air Jamaica, ALM Antillean Airlines, and BWIA among them-the latter was both the largest and the only one to operate the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar. The airline’s roots stretched far-across the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, to New Zealand, at least in

The History of Eastern Airlines

Once considered one of the “big four” US carriers, along with American, Delta, and United, it had been innovative and highly successful, having evolved into the world’s second-largest airline during its six-decade history. Tracing its origins to Pitcairn Aviation, which had been formed on September 15, 1927, it had

The Dumbbell Squat – Build Mass Without The Risks

As I’m sure you already know, squatting is often referred to as ‘the king of exercises’ for building mass. Many assume that this title is earned in reference to the squat’s ability to build huge leg muscles. However, as well as being the #1 exercise for building the quads

Five Ways to Legally Maximize the Range of a CB Radio

CB Radios are unfortunately limited to 4 watts of output power by the FCC (Federal Commissions Commission). Most specifically, this is known as radio frequency output. This restriction has been placed, because CB Radios operate on 27MHZ frequency which the FCC mandates as a license free 11 meter Citizens
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