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Pressure Points to End a Fight

Have you ever dreamt of being such a master of martial arts that you could press one spot on your attacker and instantly end the fight? Are these techniques possible? How could you really use pressure points in a self-defense encounter? Pressure Point Fighting Fantasies While there is lot

Cleaning Pet Urine from Carpets

In general, carpets and indoor pets are a dangerous combination. You may love having your pet in the house, but you should be prepared to undertake the task of cleaning pet urine from carpet not just once, but many times. You may have paid good money for a professional

Self Hypnosis, IQ and Genius

YOUR KEY TO GENIUS, HEALTH, MONEY, WEALTH, RICHES AND HAPPY RELATIONSHIPS. (Maybe a better title could be “How to become a Genius”) Most people fail to achieve a ‘state’ of genius because they do not have the right tool to imprint into their Subconscious minds all those useful, supportive

Process or Mission? Be Like Nick Saban

Nick Saban is famous for his championship football programs. He won a national title at LSU and four national titles at Alabama. This is unprecedented in the modern era of college football where 129 teams vie for the attention of the nation’s top high school recruits. He isn’t just

Back Pain Basics – Four Common Reasons For Your Pain

There are four common types of back pain: pain that increases with flexion (bending forward), pain that increases with extension (leaning backwards), radiating, shooting, or burning pain, and finally, muscular aches. Pain that increases with flexion, such as bending forward to touch your toes, is usually the result of

Gym Review – Planet Fitness

Believe it or not this gym was created by a group of friends who were drinking a bottle of tequila one night after their gym had gone under. The group was trying to decide on what to do next, after a few shots someone had the idea of “creating
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