A Car Dolly Model Comparison: Master Tow and Demco Versus Stehl

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Have you ever wanted to tow your car for some distance? Perhaps you have an RV and are planning to take a cross-country trip or maybe you are moving to another state. If so it might be a good idea to check out the options available when it comes to car tow dollies. You can rent them of course but if you are planning on using one with any regularity you may want to buy one instead since a rental has the potential to get quite expensive if used for long distances of repeatedly.

There are a few different companies you may want to look into if you decide you would like to purchase a car tow dolly. We’ll talk briefly about a few of them here.

Master Tow is one company in the United States that builds and sells car dollies. There are actually two Master Tow car dolly models on the market: Model 77T and Model 80THD. There are a number of options and accessories available for Master Tow dollies including things like LED tail lights, spare tires and winches.

A step above the previously mentioned car dollies in both features and price is the Demco KarKaddy SS. This dolly is specifically made with RV owners in mind and is designed to be easy to store without taking up a lot of extra space. When not in use it can be folded into a more compact rectangular shape which cuts it’s length almost in half. You can also get a range of options with the KarKaddy SS such as a light bar and a tongue mounted toolbox.

The last dolly we’ll discuss here is the Stehl ST80TD. The Stehl dolly is more similar to the Master Tow car dolly models than it is to the deluxe Demco model. It could be the most affordable model listed here and is available from the factory with a durable powder coated paint finish and a one year warranty.

Before you decide on a model you’ll probably want to figure out how much money you expect to save by not renting a car dolly. If you will save a lot then perhaps the deluxe KarKaddy SS is a good choice despite it’s higher price. You also may want to factor in what type of vehicle you will be towing since it may be more suited to one of these models than it is to any of the others.

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